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WordPress is web software you can use to create beautiful websites and blogs. I build websites that are fast, easy to use and SEO friendly. I like to say that WP is my kitchen and I use plugins & themes as the ingredients for cooking up a Delicious Website.

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WordPress Training
One-on-one tutoring and corporate training, learn any plugin or theme with your website and get a video screen capture of the entire session! Learn More
WordPress SEO Consulting
Why isn't your website ranked as numero uno on Google? Find out why and how-to make it happen with a WordPress Expert. Review Services
Full-Service Web Hosting
Dedicated servers optimized for WordPress security and performance. All backed by our 99.9% up-time guarantee. View Plans
Web Design & Development
A WordPress website should above all be simple to manage. Save yourself the headaches and let the WP Chef prepare the perfect dish. See Menu
Reputation Management

Unlike traditional SEO, Reputation Management seeks to suppress any bad publicity that may be surfacing in search engines. Examples include but are not limited to, i.e. bad reviews, criminal records, newspaper articles, etc.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management is the act of bidding on ad placements throughout the internet with your competition. Products and services include but are not limited to Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.

Optimizing for Conversions

With an SEO Tune-up we are optimizing the website to get along with search engine robots. That’s really the best we can do with only one pass. However, with a monthly review we can begin to identify browsing trends of real visitors and tweak our pages accordingly for user-experience which leads to higher conversions (bring a higher return on your investment ROI)

Link Building

Link building refers to drive traffic from other websites instead of search engines. Examples of which include but are not limited to business directories, social media profiles, blog features, etc. The more inbound links you have coming from credible websites, the better your credibility in the eyes of search engines. This is the next step after on-page SEO…